Question: Still there - continued and more

This is a continuation branch of the thread "cut/paste" won't work..." See point #1 below.

1. Why won't #$%^ Mapleprimes editor let me reply to the original post? I press "add comment" and I get pointed back to the branch two steps back. Anything I write comes out blank when I submit, so now there are two blank replies credited to me! Does that give me points I don't deserve?

2. Classic worksheet isn't "still there". It says so in the readme that classic worksheet is gone for 64-bit versions of Maple 15. I "graduated" to Maple 15 because Maple 11 failed intermittently under 64-bit Windows 7. Sometimes you just can't win.

3. My original complaint should be amended - the problem with copy/paste is intermittent. Today it works, yesterday it didn't. Tomorrow, who knows. I think it has something to do with how long Maple has been running on a complicated worksheet. Maybe garbage collection isn't done properly, or called often enough? But if you've spent several runtime hours getting to a certain point in a worksheet, it hurts to have to restart just because the editor failed.

4. Someone far down the original thread wrote that there is a known edit bug. Does anyone else know about it? I notice that there is a problem with the "busy cursor" as well - sometimes it is visible and sometimes it isn't.

5. Someone else far down the original thread gave suggested options as a cure for the "copy/paste" problem I was having. I was already using those options.

6. Why does Mapleprimes send me a reminder every two hours notifying me that the same update has been added to my thread. Once per update should be enough.

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