Question: How To Create Document Presenting Classic Step by Step Solution

In Maple (v13), how can you present a step-by-step solution in a document where each step :

  1. Follows on from the previous line;
  2. The equal signs are (vertically) lined up underneath each other; and
  3. There may or may not be a LHS (there isn't if the LHS hasn't changed).

I suspect you need to use a table, but with this idea in mind I still cannot work out how to do this.

Hope this all makes sense.

[moderator edit: additional details, copied from follow-up]
I am a tutor of a high school student, and would like to generate documents that present solutions to elementary algebra and calculus problems - formatted in such a way that on each line there is a RHS, sometimes a LHS and the equal sign aligns vertically on each line.

Each line will follow on from the previous line by applying an elementary operation to each side of the equation (e.g. multiply both sides by 3x), but I want to hide the input operation. Finally, I want to be able to annotate steps where necessary.

In the end, I want to be able to export this to an RTF or PDF document.

Thanks and regards,
Andrew Fortune,

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