Question: Step by step guide for creating a stand-alone package?


I have a package, a zip file, written by someone, it consists three files, as seen below



what this package, let's call it helloworld, offers is the following:

all i need to do is extract those three files shown (hdb, ind, lib) into C:\Program Files (x86)\Maple 12\lib

then once i type with(helloworld):

1, it modifies the kernel functions * + - ^ eval etc in the sense that it extends them, for example, * still does what it supposed to do(multiplication) but now it can also calculate a*b and b*a where a and b are non commutative units that normally Maple does not know how to evaluate a*b or b*a!

same with the other kernel functions.

i would like to know how this is possible. btw, i can creat my own '&*' function but it's not as convinient because then i will have to create my own '&^' and etc. it's just so so so much easier to extend the original '*' etc.


2, it also offers a bunch of procs. [proc1, proc2, ...]. this is the result of a module, i was pointed to this post here for further help. but i am not after an mla file, i would like to know how i can create my own hdb, ind, lib files so that other people can just download them, put them inside the foler lib and use them like the above helloworld package.


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