Question: calling Pari from Maple

My Maple14 program occasionally needs to skip to Pari-GP to do some algebraic number theory calculations.

The code for WindowsXP is as follows (the code for Windows7 is a little different):

   readstat("In a Pari window enter \\r p When done enter ; at the end of this line.");

Thus I need to put Pari in the foreground, and when done, bring my Maple program back to the

foreground. My program has already set p in the Pari directory to the appropriate Pari script.

In some problems I need to call Pari  many times (with varying scripts p), which can

become tiresome --- and requires me to stay at the keyboard.

Can these forays to Pari be done more automatically?   I don't (yet) know anything about External

Calling, wrappers, ... ,

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