Question: where is Im for module?

i find that modulo is (Im(M)+Im(N))/Im(N) but where is Im command in maple?

after tried the following package, also not correct, i guess i should use quotient and Im command


Hom := proc(M, N)
Mdim := Size(M);
M_n := Mdim[1];
M_m := Mdim[2];
Ndim := Size(N);
N_n := Ndim[1];
N_m := Ndim[2];
F := kontraHom(M,N_n);
B := kohom(N,M_m);
C := kohom(N,M_n);
D := Mod(F, B);
E := Mod(D, C);
return E;
end proc;

M := Matrix([[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]]);
N := Matrix([[x,y],[z,0]]);

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