Question: Freezing when trying to animate 2d functions

Whenever I try to plot a simple/small function in 2d, Maple literally takes forever to calculate it whenever the frame rate is too high.

For instance, the following command (from a tutorial, so it should work):

animate( plot, [exp(-x/5)*sin(x),x=0..t], t=0..20, frames=100 );

Will not compute, unless i change the number of frames to 50 or below.

I tried this on a friends computer (he has a mac, but has way weaker performance) and it worked just fine.

Can anybody tell why my pc wont plot it over 50 frames?

(more intricate functions freeze at even lower frames)


My pc information:

HP Elitebook 8540W, Intel i7 (@1.60GHz), 4096MB ram

I use Maple 15

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