Question: How can I encode to mp3

How can I encode to mp3?  Maple's AudioTools package only includes WAV file formats.  I would think by now Maple 15 would have included the mp3 format seeing that it is so standard. 

None-the-less, I feebly started to embark on what I thought would be a quick two step process - 1 - find the mathematics involved and 2 - code in Maple.  My searches brought me to some good information at  ... my eyes glazed over at the docs and amount of info to read and decrypt, and then the task became quite a daunting prospect. 

It would be interesting to see in a tutorial type document and see how it's done in Maple.  Build a simple signal with Maple, convert it to an audio Array then encode it and Write the file as mp3 from the AudioTools package. 

Can anyone provide an example?

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