Question: problem with maple 15

I have a huge .txt file in it is a lot of difirent numbers. At first I am doing this:

>data:=readdata(C:/text.txt, 1, integer)

Maple reads the file.
I  have a function p(x)=e^(x^4+0.5*a*x^2+b*x)
I tried to draw a histogram and then to do something with fitting, I know that then I have to do logarithm the function then I get ln(p(x))=x^4+0.5*a*x^2+b*x, the histogram then should be up side down. The point is that I have to find coefficients a and b. I know I have to find fits the 3-rd line polynom.

It is a problem for me to work with this program because noone theached me, so maybe someone could help me how could I find a and b and what I have to do.
I would be very grateful.

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