Question: Maple does not evaluate symbolic equations imported from MATLAB

Hi everyone,

I am importing an .m file from MATLAB to Maple using the command: FromMFile(). The .m file uses a set of huge symbolic matrices with an output of a huge symbolic vector of 36 by 1. Each element of this vecot is supposed to form a second-order differential /or algebraic equation that I am planning to solve using the Maple DAE toolbox.

The problem I have is that while I execute the worksheet, Maple only evaluates the first 6 equations out of total 36 I have. I need to evaluate all the 36 equations before I use the DAE solver.  I guess the problem is with the memory allocation settings. I actually monitor the memory usage while the program is running however, the usage doesn't go more than 500 MB RAM. I am running on a Windows 7, 32 Bit platform with a 4 GB RAM and 2.67 GHz CPU. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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