Question: point plot and colors

The code below, which is a PLOT structure, seems to be one of the more efficient forms of specifying individual colors for each point in a 2D point plot.

My central question is: what plotting command will construct this?

     STYLE(POINT), AXESLABELS("", ""), VIEW(0 .. 10, 0 .. 10),

I know that I can call `plot` and pass the m-by-2 Matrix of point data, and specify style=point. But how can I pass in such a nice, efficient float[8] Array to specify the points' colors? I know that the float[8] Array is leaner than a long sequence of HFloats. But even in the simpler case of just two points: how can one pass the `color` option just once to specify the colors to be used for each of the points?

Oh, in case anyone's interested, another old-fashioned (but terser) was to get such a float[8], C_order Array is with the `hfarray` command.


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