Question: How to Explore a procedure ?

Is it somehow possible to apply the Explore command to a procedure with numerical parameters?
It would be convenient in some cases. For example, let us consider  the following  procedure:
K := proc (alpha, theta1, theta2, sigma, n::posint)
uses Statistics;
t[alpha] := fsolve(CDF(RandomVariable(NormalDistribution(0, 1)), -t) = alpha, t);
 beta := evalf(CDF(RandomVariable(NormalDistribution(0, 1)),
W := evalf(CDF(RandomVariable(NormalDistribution(0, 1)),
 -t[alpha]+sqrt(n)*abs(theta2-theta1)/sigma)); print(Error of type one = alpha,
Error of type two = beta, Power of test = W) end proc;
K(0.5e-1, 0, .6, 1, 5);

  Error of type one = 0.5e-1, Error of type two = .6191361682, Power of test = .3808638318

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