Question: Assigning weights to variables


The Maxima package has a function RATWEIGHT that can be used to assign weights to variables:

Function: RATWEIGHT (v1, w1, ..., vn, wn)assigns a weight of wi to the variable vi. This causes a term to be replaced by 0 if its weight exceeds the value of the variable RATWTLVL [default is FALSE which means no truncation]. The weight of a term is the sum of the products of the weight of a variable in the term times its power. Thus the weight of 3*v1**2*v2 is 2*w1+w2. This truncation occurs only when multiplying or exponentiating CRE forms of expressions.

(C5) RATWEIGHT(A,1,B,1);
(D5)                         [[B, 1], [A, 1]]
(C6) EXP1:RAT(A+B+1)$
(C7) %**2;
                      2                  2
(D7)/R/              B  + (2 A + 2) B + A  + 2 A + 1
(C9) EXP1**2;
(D9)/R/                       2 B + 2 A + 1

I am wondering whether there is an alternative for this in Maple...

Any ideas?

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