Question: Stuck! I can't get a numeric value from my table.

local i,j,f,B:
B[1] := 0:
for i from 1 to numccs do

f:=Size([entries(B)][i][1],2); <---

for j from 1 to f do
if Equal([entries(A)][1][1],[entries(B)][i][1][j]) then
return false:
end if:
end do:
end do:
return true:
end proc:

Do you know why maple wont evaluate f?

If it's not something obvious context is below...

If there's some equivalent to a dynamic array in maple I'd really like to know!

"Error, (in isnin) final value in for loop must be numeric or character"

I call isnin from here:

conscongs := proc ()

local i, j, k, numccs, B;

numccs := 1;

B[1] := 0;

for i to 4 do

for j to 4 do

for k to 6 do

if isnin(conjc(conjs(E[i, j, k]))) then

B[numccs] := [entries(conjc(conjs(E[i, j, k])))];

numccs := numccs+1

end if

end do

end do

end do;

print(convert(B, array))

end proc;


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