Question: plotting a volume of data - densityplot3d ?

I have the following problem. Two formulas in three variables represent the costs of algorithms. I want a visual of their ratio, so that I can "see" how their relative performance varies. Here is a simple example. I can analyze this example analytically, but you can't always do that.

R := sum(binomial(n+i*d,n),i=1..k-1);
S := binomial(n+k*d,n);
f := unapply(R/S, n, d, k);
A := Array(1..10,1..10,1..10,f,datatype=float[8]);

I want a 3-dimensional rendering of the matrix A. I realize Maple probably doesn't have any routines for volume rendering. That's ok. It would be enough to plot points in black with their transparency set to the value (1 = black). Is there a simple way to do this?

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