Question: How do I get maple to show me the steps of working with the Isolate expression command

I want maple 15 to show me how it works out the formula (transposition) from N = 40^(1.5t) to t = 0.666..7(ln(1/40)*N)
I want to know how it transposes this formula from N to t I want the steps the actual working, I can't seem to figure it out as I'm using maple 15 as a learning tool, I have all the student modules installed but have no idea what I'm doing here
> N = 40*exp(1.5*t);
N = 40 exp(1.5 t)

> isolate(N = Student:-VectorCalculus:-`*`(40, exp(Student:-VectorCalculus:-`*`(1.5, t))), t);
/1 \
t = 0.6666666667 ln|-- N|
\40 /
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