Question: forming a matrix multi-variable names in nonlinear equations

I have a set of multi variate polynomial  equations. I need to setup a matrix [G][x]=[Θ]  Θ is a function of c1 and c2 up to 4th order terms

 My problem x=[c15, c14c2 , c13c22 , c12c23 , c1c24 , c25 ] these 6 5th order terms are are been treated as the unkowns. I cant find a was of treating these multi variables as single variables. Have tried subs and algsubs to convert them in the set of G equations, but not been successiful.Trying to use GenerateMatrix(eq1,eq2,eq3,eq4,eq5,eq6,[c15, c14c2 , c13c22 , c12c23 , c1c24 , c25 ])



Any help suggestions would be appreciated

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