Question: How to plot the area defined by several non-linear inequalities?

Hi everyone,

I guess the question I am asking is quite common, however I am still not able to figure it out. I have several (right now three) non-linear inequalities. Given these inequalities, I try to plot them in one graph and then color the different areas with different colors. It would be also ok, if just the area where all inequalities hold is plotted. To do this I have already tried several things. With implicitplot and transparency it is generally working, but doesn't look nice. Then I tried to use this older answer, however it did not work. A third step was to use the maple advisor database and specifically the inequalities command. However, using one of the given examples, maple tells me the following error: "Error, (in inequalities) incorrect number of extra arguments in select". Other commands of the database work, so it should not be a installation problem.


I am very grateful for every comment and advice!


Thanks a lot!


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