Question: Maple Packages

I want to create a package, lets call it Accellib. I want to be able to load it using the usual with(Accellib); construct.

So I have created a module, included the option package and right now one procedure, the name of which is exported. Within the worksheet; this works. This package will grow as more stuff gets added. I want to put it into a directory of my choice, which is NOT the directory where Maple stores the packages from its distribution; I like to keep them separate so I can access or distribute my own stuff more easily.

Wading through the docs I think I know how to tell Maple about the new directory by appending it to libname (libname:=libname,newdir;). i also >think< I need to savelib('Accellib'); the package, although I am unclear as to how to tell Maple where to save it: if libname has more than one entry, where does the thing go??

>And<, when I want to add something to the package, how do I do this? The docs talk about .mla and .ind files; these do not sound like regular Maple files... Do I need to keep working files and savelib them each time I modify them? Seems clumsy.

In summary: 1. With more than one package directory, how does Maple know where I want my own packages. 2. Do I need to keep workbooks or files with my packages separate from the libraries for editing?


Mac Dude

PS: All of this is for Maple 15 on Mac OS X 10.4.11.

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