Question: Plotting question (Maple 15)

I have a data set that represents some parameters at different locations in a (linear) system. The way the data are organized is as 1-d vectors which in turn are combined into an Array. I.e. Array[1] is the first vector; Array[2] the second and so on. Each vector represents a data subset, all subsets are against a common independent variable, call it Knob. I plot one of these subsets like this:


That works fine & I can replace the index "1" by a variable "i" and thus plot different vectors. What I'd really like to do, however, is to plot >all< of these in one graph, in some kind of staggered way. In 2-d this could e.g. be a waterfall graph; but I am rather envisaging a 3-d graph that plots each of these data sets behind each other but offset in two directions so each one is visible, sort-of like on vertically oriented glass plates standing behind each other & looked at at an angle.

Any ideas or examples out there? The data set is not large (each vector has a few tens of points, and there are about 20 vectors) & can easily be rearranged in different ways if needed.


Mac Dude.

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