Question: logplot of data fails

I have 2 column vectors I am trying to plot against each other. The vertical axis needs to be logarithmic.

If I say


it works and I get all 19 points.

If I say


I get the correct scales in both directions (so nothing would be cut-off) but it plots only 4 points.The same happens if I use plot(...,axis[2]=[mode=log]);

The pressure values range from 1E-7 to 1E-12. It seems that nothing below 1E-8 (on the Y axis) is plotted. The 4 points that are plotted are plotted correctly. Again, the vertical scale reaches down to 1e-13 so it is not a scale/cut-off issue.

What gives???

Maple 15 on Mac OS X 10.4 PPC.

Mac Dude

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