Question: ssystem command in Maple 16 Classic crashes Maple

I would appreciate a hint why Maple 16 Classic under Win XP 32 bit crashes due to the following sequence of commands

> dir1:="C:\\Maple16\\P16\\test1\\";
> path:=cat("dir ",dir1);
> ssystem(path);

with the lasst ssystem command doing the crashing while the same sequence of commands under Maple 13 Classic does not: Instead, system returns to Maple 13 worksheet the content of the directory "dir1" as expected.

Is there another way to issue that ssystem command?

Interestingly, changing ion the above "ssystem" to "system" in Maple 16 worksheet does not crash Maple but returns 0 to the screen, which I guees means the "dir" command was successful.


Rafal Ablamowicz

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