Question: Use a maple file as input

Hello all

I have a worksheet where I solve numerically a system of differential equations and define a lot of quantities based on the solution. Since I have to plot alot of stuff and make a lot of fits, the worsheet got cluttered and it's not so easy to find what I want anymore (besides, just running the entire thing takes A LONG time). So my question is, can I save the solution and the quantities I defined and use it as a "kernel" for other worksheets, so I can have specific worksheets for whatever I want to do? The only other way I found is to solve the system everytime, but this is not optimal. I tried saving as an input maple file and then reading it, no good. I'm out of options and ideas now.

Another unrelated question: I have two list, defined as l1:=[(seq(...))] and l2:=[(seq(...))]. I want to save it to a .txt file with two columns, one for each. If a try just

save l1 l2 "path\\a.txt" it gives me the 2 lists separately. I could maybe make a nx2 matrix and save the matrix, but is there any other way?


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