Question: Why isn't my program working?

My program is to compute the sequence of integrals of Jn = int(x^(2n)*sin(pi*x), x=0..1) for n=1...N to 10s.f where N=10.

This is my program but it keeps telling me it is missing an operator and I'm unsure why.

N:= 10:
In:= evalf(2/Pi):

for n from 0 by 1 to (N - 1) do


maple_In := evalf(Int((x^(2n))*sin(Pi*x), x = 0..1), 20):

printf( "%d %10.10f %10.10f %10.10f \n" , n + 1 , In , maple_In , abs( In - maple_In )):

end do:

Thanks for your help in advance
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