Question: implicitplot3d Problem in Maple 16

I'm having an issue with the implicitplot3d command in Maple 16.  The sequence of commands I've listed below works just fine in Maple 15, but in Maple 16 I'm getting a problem.  Sometimes no graph will display;  other times, Maple may initially graph the surface correctly, but as soon as I rotate the graph, the surface disappears.  Furthermore, the following strange things happen:


1) Re-executing the command after rotating does not redraw the image (still just get a blank set of axes, although grid-range has changed).

2)  Changing the command so that there are different x-values (so as not to cause domain problems) does not seem to have any effect -- still get blank axes.  Can't get the surface to draw again until I close Maple and restart it.

3)  If I start the command so that there are no domain issues, I can draw and rotate the image with no issues.


Given that the graph displays with no issues in Maple 15, I'm trying to at least determine whether there is issue is with my Maple 16 configuration, whether Maple 16 has a bug, or whether something has changed with implicitplot3d in Maple 16 that I need to be aware of in order to get this command to work.



> with(plots);
> implicitplot3d(sqrt(x)+y = 1, x = -1 .. 1, y = -1 .. 1, z = -1 .. 1, axes = boxed);


Thanks in advance,


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