Question: Large Matrix Display (save as infinite size PDF?)

Hi all,

This is really a quite general question.

I am not asking to change "interface(rtablesize=30)" or any other similar command.


I just wonder, sometimes, we want to see a symbolic matrix. And when the matrix gets really large in dimension, it does not display nicely on the whole screen.

Occasionally, with reasonably "small" matrix, we can still see it by "zoom out" to 50% view or even smaller view, to see the FULL matrix.


Could we have a feature in the future, say to export the matrix to a PDF file (or any other format), where this PDF does not have to have a fixed margin. So it's like a infinitely big paper, where we can just see this matrix. Rows do not have to change to the next line, columns are shown as where they are.


As far as I know, PDF can actually have any "dimension" paper, so it should be able to display any matrix on a single page.


Would that be something worthing considering?



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