Question: How to solve a matricial equation (in order to coefficients) in maple?


I have this matrix with coefficients that I need to estimate;

I get there after some simple calculations and I know that my matrix it´s equal to the zero matrix; I have something like:


A:=Matrix(3, 3, [5*a-4,  5*sqrt(a) *sqrt(b)-5, 7*sqrt(a) *sqrt(c)-6,  

        8*sqrt(a) *sqrt(b)-5, 8*b-2,  8*sqrt(b) *sqrt(c)-9,   

        4*sqrt(a) *sqrt(c)-1,  6*sqrt(b) *sqrt(c)-4, 9*c-5]);


And have to solve equation A = zero matrix (my matrices are 100*100)


My question is:  Is there some function to solve this on a simple way?

I´ve been studying SOLVE  functions but they don´t seem to work here…

Thanks in advance for any suggestion!


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