Question: Algebra computations



I have started using Maple and I was computing some algebraic  system of equations and when Maple solves it it returns nothing. I do not understand what is happening. Does it solve it but for some reason does present the result or it does not solve it. Because simple systems it solves and shows the result but for my system it does not show anything...


My equations are:

eq5:= (((Nd)^((epsilon-1)/epsilon)+Fu^((epsilon-1)/epsilon))^(1/(1-epsilon)))*(Fu)^(-1/epsilon)=(lamu/Lamd)*(1-((2*theta*(Fd-Fu))/lamu));


eq6:= (((Nd)^((epsilon-1)/epsilon)+Fu^((epsilon-1)/epsilon))^(1/(1-epsilon)))*(Nd)^(-1/epsilon)=(lamd/Lamd);


And I want to solve for:


solve( {eq5, eq6}, {Nd, Fu} );


Can someone help me?  Thanks!

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