Question: Integrating string of real Cos/Sine terms - getting complex result.

I am currently trying to integrate a long string of fractional sine and cos terms with a cos term on the denominator and other exponential multipliers, but all variables and coefficients are real (and I have put this assumption in Maple).

When I integrate them on Maple it is automatically simplifying the result using Euler's rule to give me a complex fraction with a complex numerator and denominator. This is not very helpful as I need to use the result in further calculation, and try as I might I can't get Maple to return the fraction to sin/cos terms, even after asking it to expand, factorise and collect certain terms.

Is there anything I can do either before I integrate to stop it doing this, or after to simply undo it?


I have tried using evalc on the result of the integral, this just gives a large complex part of the result as Maple does not simplify it.


Thank you in advance for your help.

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