Question: How to sumtohyper this?

I use Hermit as example and try the following way, it can not sumtohyper,

how to get the hyper form from a differential equation?

test4 := diff(P(x),x$2)-2*x*diff(P(x),x)+2*n*P(x)=0;
test4 := {diff(P(x),x$2)-2*x*diff(P(x),x)+2*n*P(x), P(0) = 1, (D(P))(0) = 1};
newtest4 := borel(test4, P(x), diffeq);
rec4 := diffeqtorec(newtest4, P(x), a(v));
rec4 := diffeqtorec(test4, P(x), a(v));
genfun := rsolve(rec4, a(v), 'genfunc'(z));
recsolved := rsolve(rec4, a(v));

recsolved := 4^((1/2)*v)*GAMMA((1/2)*v-(1/2)*n)/(GAMMA(v+1)*GAMMA(-(1/2)*n));
convert(recsolved, hypergeom); # 1st try can not convert

read "D:/July2012/hsum15.mpl":
read "D:/Mar2012/qsum15.mpl":
Sumtohyper(recsolved, v); # 2nd try can not sum to hyper

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