Question: duplicate equations

I have a very large system of rather long equations.   I need to find a way to have maple recognise if two equations within the system are the same.  I've been attempting to do this by adding each of them to the same set.  Maple automatically eliminates two identical entries in a set, so this works quite well for, say, x+y=0 and y+x=0 - maple knows these are the same and deletes one from the set automatically.  However it does not recognise that x+y=0 is the same as 2x + 2y = 0.


Is there a way to get maple to rewrite an equation like 2x+2y=0, as x+y=0, or two recognise that they are in fact, the same.


I cannot do this manually, as I have far too many equations to be able to look through each of them by eye

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