Question: run my maplet from maple

I created a maplet in maple using the following codes:

> restart:
> with(Maplets[Elements]):
> m5:=Maplet(
> Window('title'="Turev",
> [
> ["Fonksiyon:",TextField['Y1']()],
> ["Turev Degiskeni:",TextField['Y2'](3)],
> TextBox['TB1']('editable'='false',3..40),
> [Button("Turevi Hesapla",Evaluate('TB1'='diff(Y1,Y2)')),
> Button("Tamam",Shutdown(['Y1','Y2','TB1'])),
> Button("Temizle",SetOption('Y1'=""))]
> ])):

Of course when I write the following code in the same page it works.
> Maplets[Display](m5);
But I want to save this page as a maplet file. and I want to call this maplet from other maple pages.
So when I write the following code in other maple pages, it will work?
> Maplets[Display](m5);

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