Question: E with one random variable


I am trying to add a random variable in ODE and solve it.

I chose A as the random variable.

Randomness in A will define like:

A with randomness for s in S=(-0.05,0.75) is:

A(t,s)= A`(t)+s

Where A`(t)= 0.25+ 0.0037t , if 0<= (t,365)<=182

                    0.5+ 0.0045 t  , if 182<= (t,365)<=365


This is the maple code:


k := 1; A := 0.001/365; B := 0.002/365;

ode := diff(U(t), t) = -(A+B*U(t))*U(t);

ic := U(365*k) = 1000;

sol := dsolve({ode, ic}, U(t), numeric);


How can I define the randomness in my code?


Thank you


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