Question: How to understand the _Z in Bessel equation

Dear All,


I found that the _Z is a already asked question from learners like me. However, I am asking for your inputs that are related to my problem.

I have a implicit expression interms of bessel functions. While making an attempt to solve (using solve command) for a variable , which is an argument inside the bessel function I came up with some output which has _Z as follows:

In addition to the above equation, it also provided some conditions. I found that conditions are reasonable so I didnot included in my post.

1)  How can I evaluate the RootOf. In other words what is it saying.

2) Is there any way I can get analytical expression for the variable I am solving for ?  Or From here we can only get numerical means to solve the variable. If so how to proceed.


Looking forward for your precious inputs.


Thanks in advance.

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