Question: Difficult Integration

Please Help me:
First to solve this integration note that it is working if sigma=0.1.
Secondly I want to increase the accuracy of the result of sigma=0.1 as
there is slight difference between this numerical integration and montecarlo simulation 
using MATLAB.
restart;Q := x->0.5*erfc(x/sqrt(2));

sigma := 0.3;

SNR := [seq(1 .. 25, 1)]; for i in SNR do mu := evalf(10^(.1*i));
 L := exp(-ln(sqrt(y/mu)+2*sigma^2)^2/(8*sigma^2))/(sqrt(32)*sqrt(Pi)*sigma*y);
 BER[i] := evalf(Int(L*Q(sqrt((1/2)*y)), y = 0 .. infinity)) 
end do;
 BERM := [seq(BER[i], i = 1 .. 25)];
Mohammed R. Abaza
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