Question: How to use Maple as a scientific word processor

I like to use Maple as an informal  text editor for math correspondence. (I do not use Tex and am firmly committed to not learning Tex. Principled laziness.) I usually insert a Document block in a new worksheet, type my letter utilizing all the wonderful automatic formatting-powers, symbols, integrals, etc. easily available in Maple and then print the resulting document as a pdf and email it. It is much more readable for me and for the person receiving the document.


There are quirks that a savvy Maple user can probably help me with.

1) Any use a keyword ends up in bold. Maple thinks I am writing a command

2) Any time I use enter rather than shft-enter Maple tries to execute what I have written.


How can I get Maple to lighten up and not take what I type seriously? I have tried to only type between (*   and *); that almost works. The problem is that after (* the wonderful 2D typesetting is replaced by ordinary text fonts.

Has any other lazy person had experience using Maple as a technocal word processor?


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