Question: Maximum of a function of three variables

Dear Maple experts,


I have a function f  depending on three variables a,b,c i.e.   f(a,b,c).

I have to find the df/da (differentiation  with respect to a) and then solve for variable a in terms of variables b and c to make the f(a,b,c) into f(b,c). 

However, I am not able to find the symbolic relation from df/da to represent variable a interms of variables b and c because the solve(df/da, a) is giving the solution interms of RootOf (_Z................some expression...... ... ).

Even after using assume command I am not able to avoid the RootOf ( _Z .............).

If this task can not be found in symbolically, can you advise a numerical command/method.


Looking forward to your reply

Thanks in advance.

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