Question: plot test difference Maple 17 and Maple 12

Recently I was able to try Maple 17 beside Maple 12.  There were little wiggles in 17's plot but not so in 12's.  I thought what if I dragged 12's plot into 17's?  What would I get?  Well here is the result.

I made a plot of x^2+10 in Maple 17 and a plot of x^2 in Maple 12 then dragged the line over. And this is the visual I got

The x^2+10 line has some slight wavering to it and the x^2 line from M12 doesn't.  Since both lines are now in Maple 17 how would I produce the same appearance of the line from M12 in M17?  What is the command settings that would produce that line?  This is in the standard GUI. 

Curiously exporting that to jpeg compresses the image and both lines appear the same, I had to take a PrintScreen to show the results I was talking about.  Also interesting I tried dragging M17's line into M12 and it becomes more like how M12 produces a line.  So M12 is incapable of duplicating the way M17 produces a line but M17 can duplicate the way M12 produces a line.

So how do I produce a similar appearance red line in M17?  Is there a way?

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