Question: How to rsolve this one dimensional recurrence equation

L := Summation(Summation(g(m, n)-g(m-1, n)-g(m, n-1), m = 1 .. 3), n = 1 .. 3);

M1 := subs(m=1, g(m, n)-g(m-1, n)-g(m, n-1))=0;


Error, invalid input: rsolve uses a 2nd argument, Fcns, which is missing


Matrix([[0, g(0,1), g(0,2)],[g(1,0), g(1,1), 0],[g(2,0), 0, g(2,2)]]);

Matrix([[0, g(0,1), g(0,2), g(0,3)],[g(1,0), g(1,1), g(1,2), 0],[g(2,0), g(2,1), g(2,2), 0], [g(3,0), 0, 0, g(3,3)]]);


would like to rsolve out all generating function and use M.I. to derive for 2nd dimension

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