Question: Plotting Graph from Matrix

Hi everyone. Someone should pls. teach me how to plot a graph in maple. i've never done this before and I hope what I'm about to do is very much feasible. I don't have a function to plot, I'm plotting the errors from my computation against time(t) at interval 0 t 1. Someone shoukd pls. explain this for me with random values or use the sample values below .

  time           error1         error2
  0.01           1.18E-18        1.33E-18
  0.02            4.2E-19         3.2E-19
  0.03           1.02E-18         8.8E-19
  0.04            5.5E-19         6.5E-19
  0.05           1.13E-18         9.2E-19
  0.06           2.38E-18        2.42E-18
  0.07           1.76E-18        1.79E-18
  0.08           1.86E-18        1.83E-18
  0.09           1.75E-18        1.74E-18
  0.10           2.32E-18        2.12E-18
  0.11           3.57E-18        3.69E-18
  0.12           2.83E-18        2.78E-18

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