Question: Definite integral of a differential... not?

An indefinite integral cancels out one differentiation:


But for a definite integral Maple does not recognize that:

int(diff(w(s),s,s),s=0..L) = int(diff(w(s),s,s),s=0..L);

What I would have expected is something like:

int(diff(w(s),s,s),s=0..L) = eval(diff(w(s),s),s=L)-eval(diff(w(s),s),s=0);

I cannot get Maple to recognize this even when assuming real or positive.

What I am really after is this: w(s) is a periodic function with period L. Therefore the integral of diff(w(s),s,s) over s from 0 to L is actually 0. (The integral of diff(w(s),s) from 0 to L would be 0 as well, while the integral of w(s) from 0 to L can be finite and in my particular case is >0.) I want to be able to demonstrate this in Maple.

Thanks for any hints,

Mac Dude.

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