Question: Plot translated sphere in Cylindrical Coords

This is driving me crazy.

I want to plot a sphere of constant radius and specified center in cylindrical coordinates (actually I intend to animate it so the sphere moves along a space curve in cyl coords). Suppose I have a sphere of radius 1 that I want centered at a specific pt in cylind coords. I hoped I could simply use the simple sphere command display(sphere([c1,c2,c3],1,coords=cylindrical)), where [c1,c2,c3] is the sphere's center in cyl coords.

By doing that the sphere is centered where desired in cyl coods (even when animated and moving along my desired spacecurve), but the coords=cylindrical option also distorts the sphere. (In case anyone asks, it matters not whether I use scaling=constrained or unconstrained.)

Does anyone have any suggestions? It's probably something simple that I'm overlooking. Thanks!

(Sorry if this font is troubling. My eyes aren't very good and I cannot read the default font very well.)

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