Question: Why does programmer entry point use of convert/parfrac produce errors?


I am having trouble using the programmer entry point interface to convert/parfrac. As an example consider x/(I*x-1): While

> convert([x, [I*(x+I), 1]], parfrac, x);                   

         [-I, [(I + x) I, -I]]

correctly computes a partial fraction decomposition, the equivalent input

> convert([x, [I*x-1, 1]], parfrac, x);  

results in the error message (both in Maple 16 and 17)

Error, (in convert/parfrac) denominator factors must be coprime

which does not make any sense to me, since there is only a single denominator factor present (and it is even the same factor as in the previous call, only written differently).

What is the reason for this behaviour and how can I use convert/parfrac in a way that avoids such errors?



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