Question: extracting data to a ascii-file for using in gnuplot !

hi maple-friends !

who can help me??



i want to extract (export) the data of let me say the function y=x^2 ...

the result shpuld be:

without the variables !  (x=)   (y=)

1         1

2         4

3         9

and so on...

that means just a matrix...of numbers.



and waht i have to do if i need more values, including non-integers as x (example: x=1.1, 1.2,1.2 ... )

sorry, im a maple beginner and a lot of the advices in the books are not very helpful !!!   maybe only written

for experts ??   so by the way, does anybody know about a REALLL good BEGINNER-book for maple?

thanx a lot !   :-)


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