Question: Reverse ODE plotting........

Dear all

I have one question regarding to dsolve.

Let say I have simple function,

 dx/dt =A+Bx

 dy/dt =A'+B'y

when I want to get graph of x as function of time or y as fuction of time, I can use 'dsolve'

For example, I can put "" soln:=dsolve ((ABOVE EQUATION, ICs),numerical,implicit=true) ""

                                     plot(soln,x(t) or y(t))

Also, When I want to get x value or y value as function of time, I can use soln(t), t could be whatever I want.


However, I want to get or draw graph " t " as function of x or function of y. For example, I want to know  t value when x=3 or I want to know t value when y=5. Above equations are simple, so I can calculate by hand. but I want to know which command I need or which ways are in MAPLE to get the value.




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