Question: why dsolve({ode,ics}); does not respond/does not produce an answer?

question: solve the direction field and curve that passes through each of indicated points.use different colours.


(a) y(-6)=0

(b) y(0)=1

(c) y(0)=-4

(d) y(8)=-4

my answer:

> restart;
> with(DEtools);
> with(plots);
> a := diff(y(x), x) = exp(-0.1e-1*x*y(x)^2);
> g := dfieldplot(a, y(x), x = -8 .. 8, y(x) = -8 .. 8, color = exp(-0.1e-1*x*y(x)^2));

> ode := diff(y(x), x) = exp(-0.1e-1*x*y(x)^2);

> ics := y(0) = 1;
> dsolve({ics, ode});

it doesn't solve the ics n ode. actually i don't understand at all about dsolve bcoz this relating to exponential.

please do help me.thank you


btw before this someone do help me to solve my problem with comes another problem..*sigh... thank you

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