Question: How to avoid having to restart maple when server hangs?

sometimes, the maple server goes in a loop and runs full CPU. Waiting makes no difference. It just hanged. Even stopping the computation from the UI makes no difference (i.e. cliking on the "interrupt the current evaluation" button). Only way I found is go to task manager and terminate the mserver.exe by force.

The problem now is that I have to close Maple and start all over again. Since I can't start a new computation or do anything if the server is down.

I am just asking if there is a better way to do all this. For illustration, this int() command below hangs the server, so you can try the same thing I am seeing. This is on Maple 18.02, windows 7, 64 bit.

Make sure to save all your work before running this. This is just one example. I have many more where maple hangs like this (i.e. the interrupt does not terminate anything and the server keeps running)

y := 1;
z := 2 + x + y;
s := 1/2;
m2 := 5325;
m1 := 5279;
mz := 106055/10;

int1 =evalf(int(1/z^3 *(x + y + 2* x*y)* (1 + s^2/(2 *m2^2* z)) *exp(-(m2^2*x + m1^2*y)/s^2 + (mz^2 *(x + y + 2 *x*y))/(2* s^2* z)), x=0..1));

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