Question: the way algsubs does not work well

Dear people in Maple primes,


Please tell me why algsubs would not work well in the following case.


algsubs(-eta*M[n]/(gamma*(eta*M[n]+gamma))-1/(eta*M[n]+gamma) = factor(-eta*M[n]/(gamma*(eta*M[n]+gamma))-1/(eta*M[n]+gamma)), (-eta*M[n]/(gamma*(eta*M[n]+gamma))-1/(eta*M[n]+gamma))*p[i]+(int(p[i], i = 0 .. M[n]))*eta/(gamma*(eta*M[n]+gamma))+alpha/(eta*M[n]+gamma));


Following error message appeared when the above code is executed:

Error, (in algsubs) cannot compute degree of pattern in eta


Best wishes.










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