Question: Boundary Value Problem


I am trying to solve the boundary value problem (1-x^2)*y'' - 2*x*y' +12*y = 0 with y(-1) = -1 and y(1) = 1.  I have not used Maple much, but from some web surfing, it seems like the following inputs should work:

de := (1-x^2)*(diff(y(x), `$`(x, 2)))-2*x*(diff(y(x), x))+12*y(x) = 0

Y := dsolve(de, y(-1) = -1, y(1) = 1)

However, when I input these lines, I get the error: Error(in dsolve), found wrong extra argument(s): y(-1) = -1, y(1) = 1

Does this mean that Maple can't solve this problem?  Is my syntax wrong?  I would appreciate any help.





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