Question: Some problems with compexplot

Help me with this:

I have a differential equation:  s:= diff(h(t),t) = -0.1738137398e-2/sqrt(2.8-h(t))

Solution is: h(t) = 14/5-(1/100000000)*2607206097^(2/3)*t^(2/3), h(t) = 14/5-(1/100000000)*(-(1/2)*2607206097^(1/3)*t^(1/3)-(1/2*I)*sqrt(3)*2607206097^(1/3)*t^(1/3))^2, h(t) = 14/5-(1/100000000)*(-(1/2)*2607206097^(1/3)*t^(1/3)+(1/2*I)*sqrt(3)*2607206097^(1/3)*t^(1/3))^2

And i have to need a plot... so i use complexplot and recive a mesage:

Error, (in plots:-complexplot) invalid input: `plots/complexplot` expects its 2nd argument, r, to be of type {range, name = range}, but received h(t) = 14/5-(1/100000000)*(-(1/2)*2607206097^(1/3)*t^(1/3)-((1/2)*I)*3^(1/2)*2607206097^(1/3)*t^(1/3))^2

Help me if you can!! Thank you so much!!! 

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