Question: dsolve method=lsode and range option

Is it possible to use an option similar to range when using lsode method for dsolve? The ODEs I am trying to solve is stiff and will not work with the flag stiff=true or with method=rosenbrock unless i set Digits:=20. I want to avoid doing that as much as possible, since I believe wit will be very taxing, computationally. I have a very large systeom to solve. I found that method=lsode works with the default Digits=15. 


However I need to have the solutions in a given range stored for future access and manipulations. Using range gives me an error: 

Error, (in dsolve/numeric/an_args/lsode) lsode keyword was range, optional keyword must be one of 'ctrl', 'initial', 'itask', 'output', 'procedure', 'procvars', 'start', 'number', 'abserr', 'relerr', 'maxfun', 'minstep', 'maxstep', 'initstep', 'startinit', 'implicit', 'optimize', 'complex'


I cannot figure out how to use range or something similar with lsode. Anyone knows? 

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